Learn more about our vision for BasicSwap by discovering our roadmap items.

Swap engine
  • New Coin Listings

  • XMR Swap Protocol Improvements

  • Non-Segwit Coins Swap Protocol Improvements

  • Support for ETH Network

  • Support for Stablecoins and/or Alternative Fiat Solutions

  • Distributed Node Reputation for More Automated Order Matching

  • SMSG 2.0 Deployment

  • dApp Hosting on SMSG 2.0 (BasicSwap, Particl Marketplace)

  • Lightning Network

  • Open APIs for Integrations

  • Web Framework

  • Light Services (i.e., Remote Nodes)

  • Taproot Integration

  • i2p and/or Other Network Protocol Integrations

  • Improved Identity Management

Liquidity Engine
  • Bridged Liquidity

  • Liquidity Management Tool

* This list is non-exhaustive. You can expect minor features, improvements, and functionality not included here to be added as we progress through this roadmap.
* Roadmap items may be added, removed, or have their scopes changed to adapt to the ever-evolving environment.

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